The scoop® Philosophy

Technology and function is the passion!

Surface, colour, shape and material are things to think about, lasting function never is. For this reason, we pay special attention to the highest quality standards in the industry. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Slidebloc® slide bearing system, a Pullbloc® ball bearing system or a product from our formspiele® range.

Simplification and reduction

The simplification of movement- and production-economic processes is the basis of our work. The reduction to only one assembly and only one movement element in our techniques reduces the production processes and thus the costs enormously.

Today’s consumers are more informed, more competent and more critical. The new modesty in the minds of consumers with regard to completely overpriced products is forcing all companies that have so far calculated “comfortably” to rethink.

“Best quality, at the best price and immediately” is the guiding principle. This fact requires creativity and agility in terms of production and logistics, but also to be absolutely uncompromising when optimising the quality of the products on a daily basis.

Pullbloc® 3.0, Pullbloc® 4.1, Slidebloc® 3.0: Made in Germany!

Surfaces, colours, shapes and material

We not only offer you Europe’s largest selection of lever handle models for residential and commercial construction with Pullbloc® and Slidebloc® systems, but also an extensive range of lever handle shapes made of stainless steel, forged brass and zinc-die-casting, high-quality glass door fittings and much more.

Every day, every hour, everywhere…

Door handles are taken for granted: although we operate them countless times every day and everywhere, we no longer notice or see them. Only when they no longer function do we notice them. Consequently, the primary task of a door handle is to remain unnoticed and unappreciated for as long as possible. For us, this was reason enough to find a movement mechanism for our handle sets that fulfills precisely these criteria.

The scoop® Beschläge Vertriebs-GmbH

We are a German company with international production facilities. We pay special attention to the high German quality standard, whereby material, technology, design and execution are the most decisive criteria. Our models are conceived and designed according to the natural characteristics of the respective material for residential and commercial construction.

And because scoop® assembles the components available in the warehouse when ordered, we are flexible and fast.